How to Choose Scented Candles That are Right for You

When selecting candles, it is important to consider several factors. Each person is unique and has their own set of preferences. With so many scents to choose from, certain scents will always be more appealing than others. Some people adhere to a vegan lifestyle, so the scents they choose, and the ingredients in their candles, need to suit that lifestyle. Also to be considered is the purpose for the candle. Determining if it is for mood or relaxation or to mask odors helps to narrow down the fragrance options.

Candles for Ambiance
For a romantic dinner, there is nothing as perfect for setting the right mood as a few candles on the table. However, the scent needs to be light and well partnered with the meal. Musky fragrances or heavily scented candles are too powerful for this purpose. Instead, choose scents that will complement the meal such as cinnamon spice, biscotti, or honey. Pairing a single scented candle with several unscented candles helps to power down the intensity of the fragrance while powering up the romance.

Odor Neutralizing Candles
Most of the time, the purpose for using a candle in the bathroom is to mask odors. There are several scents to avoid using in this room. Most food scents are not a great combination with toiletry, so avoid that whenever possible. Instead, select odor neutralizing scents from the citrus family. Other scents that work well for this purpose are Clean Rain or Ocean Breeze. Many odor neutralizing candles have “clean” scents with fanciful names that do not give a clue as to what they smell like, such as Clean Home or Fresh Air. Looking for the term “odor neutralizing” on the candle should help with making the right choice.

Vegan Candles
With a vegan lifestyle, avoiding candles made from beeswax or paraffin wax is important. Paraffin wax often contains stearic acid made from animal fats. There are very few manufacturers who use paraffin wax containing stearic acid from coconut. So, unless the candle label states that it contains vegan ingredients, the choices are narrowed down to soy candles. Fortunately, there are just as many fragrance choices available in soy candles.

Appealing Scents
Look for candle aromas that appeal to the senses. Many people love the smell of fresh baked goods permeating the kitchen area. There are a vast number of candles that mimic apple pies, candied apples, or chocolate brownies. For the den or man cave, woodsy fragrances such as balsam & cedar, mountain lodge, or silver birch are great. A clean scent for the hallway or a workspace is fresh linens or baby powder. Choose a scent that matches the mood intended for the room.

Quality Matters
Remember that, when purchasing scented candles, quality does matter. Bargain candles often do not fragrance a room as well as better quality ones. If the scent is barely present when smelling it at the store, it won’t do a good job of filling the room with its aroma at home. That doesn’t mean spending a small fortune for one candle. It simply means select from reputable candle companies for better scents.

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