On Post-Holiday Makeup and Glamour

On Post Holiday Makeup and Glamour

After the frenzy of Holiday cheer and ringing in a new year, it can seem daunting to settle down and get back to our normal, everyday routines. It seems even more of a task to get back to work and play as usual. As far as makeup goes, it’s possible to keep that Holiday-inspired old Hollywood glamour alive throughout the year by following a few simple tips and suggestions for inspiration. A basic and extremely easy beauty must-have is red lipstick. Most women already own a tube and feel instantly glamorous after applying just one swipe.

You don’t have to go completely Joan Crawford unless you absolutely want to: she would perfectly apply her lipstick with her finger and use a pencil to line the outside of her lips so they appeared fuller. Clara Bow was known for her red lips that looked like a cupid’s bow while fashion maven Isabella Blow would sometimes only have a haphazard slash of red as a finished look. Blow famously said, “If you don’t wear lipstick, I can’t talk to you.” So, whether or not you take an extra five- or ten-minutes primping, any sort of matte or glossy red lip is always acceptable for any occasion and always makes a statement.

As for hair, take a hint from the likes of Veronica Lake and create your own muss-free silky waves. Hot rollers or a curling iron will suffice and, within just a few minutes, you’ve given yourself a boost that will make you feel like a 1940s screen siren. If you’re feeling especially outgoing, finish off your look with a fancy barrette or even a headband.

Another accessory that screams elegance is a brooch (especially if it’s antique or just vintage-inspired), so take the time to pin something sparkly to the lapel of your jacket. You’ll be surprised at who notices and pays a compliment.

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