Skincare Basics 101

Skincare Basics 101

Have you ever stopped to consider that your skin is your body’s largest organ and that it absorbs everything you put into it? When we look at it like this, making sure that we are feeding our skin right seems super important. The good news is that a daily skincare routine does not need be laborious, and yet by following a few simple rules each day you can reap the benefits of having healthy, youthful skin for your entire life.

Rule #1: Understand Your Skin Type

It’s no good lathering your face in oil every evening if your skin is inherently oily. Or using a harsh scrub to get rid of zits when your skin is so sensitive that you could be making it worse. Getting to know your skin type will help you to know which products will nourish and which will necessitate problems. To find out yours, follow these steps:

  1. Wash it
    Wash off any dirt or make-up on your face that has built up during the day
  2. Leave it
    Leave your skin totally bare for two hours
  3. Look at it
    • normal skin
      There are no signs of dryness or oiliness
    • oily skin
      Your face appears shiny or greasy and you routinely have breakouts
    • dry skin
      Your skin is tight and/or flaking
    • combination skin
      You have some of all the above, including possibly an oily ‘T’ zone

Of course, everyone is unique, so it’s normal to have a few of these features. But once you know where it’s oily and where it’s dry, you can select the right products for these areas.

Rule #2: Religiously Cleanse, Tone, Moisturize

It’s the oldest rule in the skincare book, but that doesn’t make it any less true. And when life is hectic and you’re rushing out the door or desperate to get into bed, it’s easy to let it slip. Yet the simplest and most effective way to achieve radiant youthful skin is to follow these three steps every morning and evening with your face and neck:

  1. Cleanse
    Cleansing tips:

    • Whether you prefer a foaming cleanser or lotion, always apply using upward circular motions with your fingers only (a wash cloth is optional).
    • Always apply gently
  2. Tone
    Toning tips:

    • Apply gently with a cotton ball in upward circular motions.
    • Don’t forget! Toning is the most often forgotten step, but is essential for removing any dried-on makeup and preparing for the next stage.
  3. Moisturize
    Moisturizing Tips:

    • This stage is important for all skin types, just be sure to find a moisturizer that is right for you. The best tend to be made from naturally occurring seed or botanical oils.

Rule #3: Little Extras

Applying little tweaks to your basic routine that are in tune with your needs are important. For instance, consider the following potential add-on:

  1. Sunscreen
    If you have skin that is prone to sunburn, consider how you might be able to help your skin by applying sunscreen to your face, or applying a foundation that contains SPF.
  2. Exfoliation
    As a rule, this shouldn’t happen more than a couple of times per week, and be careful to find one that is suited to your skin type. Find scrubs that are made of natural ingredients as they will tend to irritate skin less, and if they are super good, they will also moisturize.
  3. Wrinkle Defense
    Whether it’s an eye cream, a serum, or built into your all over facial moisturizer, if you are of the age where wrinkles are a concern then there are some great products out there to help with that.


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