The Best Bar Soaps for Men

The Best Bar Soaps for Men

When it comes to our skin, men and women do not have the same needs. That is partly due to how we each look at skincare. While women tend to fuss over their appearances, spending a lot of effort on looking good, men tend to have the habit of ignoring their skin. The truth is that men’s skin is thicker on the face than it is for women. While men do not need to use fancy “froufrou” creams and cosmetics, there are some simple ways to take better care of male skin. It starts with the soap they use.

Properties of Bar Soap
Not all soaps are made the same. They come in varying formats such as liquids or gels with different names. Scents vary from colognes to sandalwood to musk or thousands of other choices. Then there are all the different ingredients to be found. Activated charcoal, Jojoba oil, Aloe Vera, and lava rock are just a few of the ingredients found in bars of soap. When selecting a bar of soap, first consider the skin type of the user. Someone with overly sensitive skin should avoid heavy exfoliating soaps while someone with oily skin should stay away from oil based soaps. Soaps that lather up are great for giving the skin a good cleansing and removing impurities.

Beer Soap for Acne Issues
It may sound strange, the idea of scrubbing with a bar of soap made from beer. One of the ingredients in beer is brewer’s yeast, a sediment found in ale. That yeast contains nutrients that are beneficial to the skin. Biotin, vitamin B, pantothenic acid, and riboflavin are all found in the yeast used to make beer. What’s remarkable about it is that brewer’s yeast can cleanse the skin of bacteria which in turn reduces the outbreaks of acne and eczema. There are over fifty variations to choose from including ales, lagers, stouts, and more.

Glycerine Soap for Dry or Sensitive Skin
Bar soap has one major downfall, that it tends to dry out the skin. If the skin is tight and itchy after using soap, it means it’s time to switch soaps. For someone who has issues with dry, cracked skin, glycerine soap is a great choice. While glycerine is naturally moisturizing, look for a bar also containing shea oil or aloe for an extra moisturizing kick. Do not use one with a harsh exfoliating ingredient as it may serve to further irritate the skin.

Exfoliating Soaps for Men
For men who are prone to ingrown hairs, bumpy or dull looking skin, there are soaps that contain exfoliating ingredients. Typical exfoliants include crushed apricot seeds, microbeads, and oatmeal. The purpose of these exfoliants is to lift away dead skin cells and to smooth the skin. Some of these soaps include a moisturizer to comfort the skin after scrubbing.
Soap containing lava rock acts like sandpaper on the skin to remove dirt that just won’t come off with regular washing. Be careful to use it sparingly to avoid irritating the skin.

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