Want Clear Skin? Try Lavender Soap

Lavender soap

Lavender has long been grown as ornamental flowers, culinary herbs, and for extracting essential oils. The plant is known to act as an antiseptic and to have anti-inflammatory effects. It can even act as a mosquito repellent. The extracted oil is used as a fragrance in bath products, perfumes, and balms. The flower is used by bees to make a better-quality honey. Dried flower buds are often used in the culinary arts as cake decorations, herbal tea, and to flavor desserts. The sweet scent of lavender may also calm the nerves. lavender soap


Antiseptic Properties of Lavender

Lavender acts as an antiseptic to help fight against bacteria causing skin issues such as acne and eczema. The antiseptic properties work to destroy bacteria and fungus on the skin. Using lavender soap not only cleanses the skin but the pores as well. Regular usage can help prevent minor breakouts since lavender inhibits the growth of bacteria which causes bacterial infections.


Anti-inflammatory Properties of Lavender

Many acne-fighting products contain harsh chemicals to treat acne but can leave the skin irritated afterward. The anti-inflammatory properties of lavender can reduce any swelling while at the same time soothing irritation. Another benefit to using Lavender soap is that it helps to relieve the itching from eczema or other breakouts. Any patches of irritated skin are calmed by the lavender oil.


Lavender Has Healing Properties

Another benefit to using lavender soap is that it has healing properties. Using soap infused with lavender on minor wounds such as insect bites or minor burns helps the skin to heal faster. That is in part due to the anti-inflammatory property of lavender, but also due to the antibacterial abilities. The anti-itch benefit of lavender stops the need to scratch a wound, allowing the injury to heal properly.


Lavender Soap and Aromatherapy

While most skin issues are due to bacteria, one frequent cause of dermatitis is stress. The scent of lavender has long been used at bedtime to calm the nerves and relax. Showering or bathing in lavender soap can be extremely relaxing while the scent helps to rid the body of stress. The soap cleanses the skin, removes bacteria, and calms the spirit. Wash with the soap in a gentle, circular pattern to cleanse the skin, being certain to inhale the sweet fragrance.


Types of Lavender Soaps

When it comes to lavender soap, there are many variations of it such as glycerine bars, handmade balls of soap, or mixtures. It is not uncommon to find lavender soap products that contain other ingredients to work in conjunction with the lavender and goats milk can be used to cleanse the skin, inhibit bacteria, and moisturize the skin at the same time. Oatmeal or crushed nutshells are sometimes used to add exfoliating properties to the soap. Lavender may also be combined with chamomile for treating eczema. The best soap to purchase should be free of synthetic ingredients such as dyes or chemical additives. Choosing all-natural ingredients helps to avoid anything that may irritate the skin.

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